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Safety Guidelines for Handling FIBC Bags

Loading Precautions

  • Once filled, always ensure the bag is evenly filled and stable before disengaging from equipment or forklift tines

  • If using a spout bottom, always ensure the bottom spout is tied to prevent unnecessary spills

  • When using liners, always ensure they are properly inflated to ensure optimal use


Forklift Precautions

  • Forklift should be properly calibrated for the weight to be hoisted

  • Ensure the tines for the forklift remain level to the ground at all times, when handling a loaded bulk bag

  • Ensure the tines are the appropriate width for the bulk bag straps being handled

  • All straps should be properly secured when lifting or lowering the bag

  • Make sure Forks are free and clear of sharp edges/burrs. 


Unloading Precautions

  • Personnel should never stand under a bag that is full or being unloaded

  • Ensure area is clear before engaging the spout to unload


General Precautions

  • Do not drag the bags

  • Avoid hooking or breaking in operation. Appropriate use of forklift tines and shovels should be minimal

  • When loading for transportation, always ensure they are properly secured

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