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KAM Group liners are custom designed to protect your products. As a full service manufacturer, we ship our liners throughout the United States.


• Liner Materials : High or Low Density PE, Aluminum, Metalized/Nylon/Co-extruded, Carbon

• Liner Style : Form-fit, Tubing, Gusseted

• Line Attachment : Loose insertion, Glued in, Sewn in, Tie in

• Container Liner : Container size liner, available for 20' and 40' container

  • 40 to 250 micron

  • Available in various colors

  • High strength tear resistance

  • Meets FDA requirements

  • Form-fitted bottoms

  • Open or custom tops

  • Fabric providing oxygen and moisture barrier

  • Material with anti-static qualities

  • Chemical-resistant fabric

  • Gusseted/ Tubular-Style Liners

  • Form-Fit Liners

  • Food-Grade Liners

  • Anti Static Liners

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