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Paper Laminated Polypropylene Bags

Tired of product loss related to multiwall paper bags that can tear easily or allow moisture to compromise your product? Then KAM Group paper laminated polypropylene bags may be your best alternative. KAM Group paper laminated polypropylene bags combine a paper surface onto a poly woven bag. They provide a higher tensile for durability while being water resistant to ensure improved moisture and oxygen protection. Take advantage of the laminated paper real-estate that allows for optimal printing and advertising opportunities.


Features available include; circular or back-seam design, perforation, insert hanger, E-Z Open, printing up to 4 colors, can be printed on the body and gussets. Paper options include; Kraft paper, bleached paper laminated with polypropylene woven fabric also available in colors. Paper laminated polypropylene bags are designed to the weight capacity as per the customer's requirement.

Stock Option

KAM Group carries over 500,000 totes in inventory. With a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from we can help. Containers are also arriving bi-weekly with new and existing stock options.


Please call or email for pricing and availability.

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