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  • Graphic Design: our graphic designers will be happy to design, enhance or totally re-design the look of your current bags, printing, label.

  • Up to 4 colors, 4 sides

  • Document Pouch: Zip lock, flap, zipper lock, PE or PP material as per the customer's requirement

  • Label: Distributor label, End user warning label, Bar code label, PE, PP, or Tyvek material as per the customer's requirement

Flexible Intermediate

Bulk Containers (FIBC)

KAM Group has the capability to manufacture; any feature, size or style of bulk bag.


We manufacture both standard and custom made bulk bags for a diverse client base which includes; agricultural, pharmaceutical, ingredients, animal feed, chemicals, construction, plastics, mining, and hazardous materials to name a few.


Certified across; AIB, BRC, FSSC, HACCP and various other ISO's. The testing laboratories reside within our plant, so that your raw materials never have to leave until your product is finished and packaged.


This allows us to maintain high quality international standards, while eliminating additional touch points. The result is superior quality and great lead times.

Print & Identification
Custom Features
  • Safety factor: 5:1 for single trip, 6:1 for UN bag, 8:1 for multiple-trip use

  • UN Certified bag: For transportation of hazardous waste use, certified by the official inspection authorities of government, per the requirement from customers

  • Food and Pharmaceutical Grade Bag: produced in the special contamination control workshop. All the bags are vacuumed and processed through the metal detection as final control check.

  • Types: A, B, C, D, UN

  • Breathable (Ventilated)

  • Sift proof: Single non-woven filler cord sift proof seams, Double filler cord sift proof seams
    and Triple sift proof seams (double filler cord plus a non-woven filler cord), baffle bag with sift proof seams

  • Liner Options

  • Custom bale size: All our bags are packed in the bale form using our heavy duty baling machine. We can put 25 to 300 Bulk bags in one bale and use our own tie tapes to strap these bales securely.

  • Packing: We can offer bales without pallets, or bales on non solid wood pallet/slip sheet.

Stock Option

KAM Group carries over 500,000 totes in inventory. With a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from we can help. Containers are also arriving bi-weekly with new and existing stock options.


Please call or email for pricing and availability.

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