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At KAM Group, our goal is to earn your trust so that we can grow together. For this very reason, we have invested in our people, quality and service offering so you can trust that we will execute with your objectives in mind every single time.  We’re here to help and no matter if you ship one pallet of FIBC's per month or several thousand. The service outline below is intended to provide value and make things easier for you. Please review them to determine how we can be a value added resource to your business objectives.

Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Graphic Design: As a value-added service, our graphic designers will be happy to design, enhance or totally re-design the look of your current bags, printing, label. All customer existing graphic files can be sent to us via e-mail. Our attention to detail ensures precise, high-quality, printed graphic images every time

  • Production: we have the ability to shift production schedules.


  • Printing: Our print capabilities range from 1-color to full eight-color process printing.

Inventory Management  |  Reduce Inventory Costs, Improve Lead Times

We provide Inventory solutions that execute to your expectations and are designed to; reduce cost and improve lead times. If necessary, we can even tailor an Inventory program to satisfy your operation needs. Here is our top three popular Inventory Programs;


  • Managed Release Program: we warehouse and release multiple specifications, across multiple delivery points throughout the country based on your instructions. Reporting avilable.


  • Safety Stock Program: We will warehouse your safety stock program free for one year and we will only Invoice upon release.  Reporting avilable.


  • Inventory Stock Options: we carry a wide variety of popular bulk bags in Inventory, which are available for immediate delivery. With containers arriving monthly, please visit our FIBC Stock Options page for more details.


These options allow our customers and prospective clients to keep their inventories healthy, while keeping cash flow running strong. Let us eliminate the worry of long lead times, inventory costs, inventory management and more importanly, eliminate the risk of running short of bags.            


Our facility in Bolingbrook, IL is centrally located to serve any point nationwide in less than five business days. We have the capacity, capabilities and resources to handle all your packaging needs. We’re strongly committed to your success.

Innovation + Technical Expertise
  • Consultative Visit: we do a thorough review of your bag usage and come up with a plan that keeps them in constant supply without building up excess inventories.


  • Consultative Visit: send us your sample and we will analyze the package you’re in, the product you are filling it with and provide options that you can understand. Then, we’ll test it to make sure it works. We provide field technicians who visit your plant and work with your employees to be sure that the bags are running as efficiently as possible.

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